So how does the REVERSE FLOW® system differentiate itself from other existing technologies?

The technology is both simple and extremely effective. As air is exhausted from a building or process, our two positional damper directs the flow of air through one of two banks of aluminum energy absorbing cassettes whose surface area has been maximized to capture energy from the exhausted air stream. At the same time, outdoor air is being drawn through the opposite cassette bank, returning the previously stored energy to the supply air stream.

As our damper changes position, (standard is 70 seconds) the entire system now works in REVERSE FLOW® . Outdoor air is now drawn through the newly energized cassette bank where the captured energy is released, returning it to the supply air stream.


While the bkm REVERSE FLOW® Technology’s first cost is comparable with all other energy recovery devices, it occupies a category all by itself, when considering the “cost of ownership” associated with energy recovery. Most people agree that energy recovery is a “good thing” but only look at the manufacturer’s claimed percentage of efficiency and purchase price. It’s equally important to look at the associated life cycle cost which can be many times the initial investment.

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