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The History of bkm Dates Back 75 Years.

Our energy recovery roots began with the Regent Eco® company back in 1986 in Ontario, Canada.

One of our first installations was in the University of Ottawa, which has been in operation for over 19 years and is still maintaining 90% effectiveness.

In 1999 we began operations in the United States under the bkm REVERSE FLOW® banner. Over the years, bkm REVERSE FLOW® has installed an extensive number of units throughout the entire North American market place.

bkm REVERSE FLOW® provides everything from basic energy recovery systems to complete Package Units. We offer high-end Custom Units for the institutional and industrial markets. We are truly in a class by itself. Whatever the application, bkm REVERSE FLOW® has the energy recovery technology for your project. The old concerns of the past, excessive maintenance, low efficiency, energy recovery sustainability, and winter core freeze up have become nonissues when using bkm REVERSE FLOW®.